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To get a quick overview of all your images, Bridge lets you select the All option from the the File menu. Click on the Export option to save an image to your computer.

In this case, the Preview panel (left side) gives us some high-level information about the image, including it’s size and the image type. We can also see that the image was created in the Camera RAW format (as well as the name of the camera the image was captured with). We’ll look at this format in depth in the next tutorial. The Destination panel (right side) shows where we can save the image. Just in the top-right corner of the Destination panel, we’ll see a small icon called File Name. By default, this is also the name of the image on the Mac. To change the file name, simply right-click on this icon and select Change File Name…. A drop-down menu will appear, with all of the file names in our folder listed. Simply select the file name you want and click OK. (You can choose a file name that already exists and Bridge will ask if you want to change it).

With Bridge, you can always see all of your images in the Folders panel. But it’s the Favorites panel that lets you see the folders and locations you use most often. Simply right-click on a folder or location in the Folders panel and choose Add To Favorites to save that location for quick access later.

Let’s go back to Bridge to delete the original content folder. Click on the content folder, then press and hold the Del key on your keyboard. A window pops up to confirm which files will be deleted. You can then press OK to delete the content folder.

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We saw in the previous tutorial that we can change the behavior of Bridge to open and close our images for viewing. We also saw that we can be notified when new images are saved to our connected camera. What we’re about to show you next is how we can also be notified when new images are added to our current folder.

Say we took 1000 images on the last trip. If we have only a handful in our current folder, we don’t want to have to keep opening these images. So we’re going to open the photos folder in Bridge, and use the Filter panel to sort them by Date Added. Once we’ve sorted them, we’ll delete the images from the current folder that aren’t in the current folder. Once we’re ready, we’ll re-hide the current folder in Bridge.

We’re going to use Bridge to open the images from our current folder, and we want to view all of the images in our current folder. The Photo Downloader app is going to do that for us. While the camera is downloading the images, we’ll open Bridge and open the photos folder. Since we’ve selected all of our files, we’ll be alerted that “There are 0 items selected.” Click on OK to open the images into Bridge.

Tags and keywords are basically search terms that you can use to search through the images in your current folder or all the images in your current Bridge library. This sounds a lot like the word tag (what do you mean “B” stands for?) which is what is called search in the Bridge terminology. In fact, they’re the same thing. No matter which term you use, Bridge will search for images containing the text. When it finds them, the image will display with a red border and the search results can appear at the top of Bridge.

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Adobe Bridge Features

Another panel you can access in the Photoshop panels is the Preview Pane. This panel has very similar functionality to that of the Preview Pane in the Photoshop panel. Once again, you need to have Photoshop installed and be a Photoshop subscriber in order to access it. If you don’t have Photoshop installed, you won’t see this panel. But if you do have Photoshop, the Preview Pane in the Photoshop panel can be accessed through the same keyboard shortcut as the Adobe Bridge panel. Just press and hold your Ctrl (Win) / Command (Mac) key and it will pop open.

To delete an image from your Bridge files, you’ll need to choose an option from the Delete Panel in the left side of Bridge. There are two ways to delete an image. You can choose Delete Image or Delete in Photoshop. If you choose Delete Image, then the image will be removed from Bridge and you will no longer be able to see it in the Folders panel.

When working with photos, one of the most important things we want to do is to organize our images. To do this, we use Bridge’s Folders panel. If you’ve been browsing through your images with Bridge, you’ve probably noticed that all the images you want to work on are in a folder that sits right there in Bridge’s left panel. Bridge knows exactly where every image on your computer is and places your folders where they’ll be easy to find, both on your hard drive and inside the Bridge interface itself.

Folders are organized into folders. That is, Bridge knows where your photos, videos and other image files are stored and creates folders inside your Bridge interface to help you navigate to those files. You can use your own folder structure or you can use Bridge’s default folders, Folders, Favorites and Collections.

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Adobe Bridge System Requirements

Adobe Bridge System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7 (64-Bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.6.6 or above
  • Intel Pentium 4 or AMD processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.6.6 or above, Intel Mac, PowerPC or better Apple G5 or better processor

What’s new in Adobe Bridge

What's new in Adobe Bridge

  • Updated for CC 2020
  • Updated for CC 2019
  • Updated for CC 2018
  • Updated for CC 2007 and earlier

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