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The iPad has been a little hard to use on the go for those who prefer the smaller form factor. With AppTrans, you can easily install web browsers, productivity apps, and even games on your iPad, which will help you get more done out and about. This also means that you can remotely access everything without making a lot of phone calls. In case you need to restore your iPad, you can easily do it with the help of Patch For AppTrans Pro.

Other than your iPhone and your Android device, you can always move around the world using a laptop. However, the majority of the times, you end up spending too much time consuming not only your primary device but your secondary too. You can easily optimize the time that you spend using your laptop with the help of AppTrans Pro, which can make it much easier to manage your images, contacts, and other things that are important to you. Once your application is fully transferred, you will be able to pick it up where you left off with ease.

Third party and productivity apps also exist and allow you to transfer other data back and forth from Android to iOS and vice versa, allowing you to keep the apps in sync with each other. Although there are tools out there, very few of them are actually mobile app transfers and are incompatible. AppTrans Pro, on the other hand, is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and is completely integrated into both the iOS and Android devices it supports.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all the backup apps out there offer what they claim and a lot of them are made for developers and not for the general user. The free version of the AppTrans is available on both the Android and iOS stores and can be downloaded for free. There is also a paid version available that offers a lot more features and you get to transfer any number of apps and their data from one device to another. The more features you are willing to pay for, the more you are going to get. You will need to register if you want to see the features available for the paid version of the software.

AppTrans Pro With Crack + With Serial Key Free Download

AppTrans Pro With Crack + With Serial Key Free Download

So far, everything seems fine. But one oddity that I noticed was that AppTrans itself didnt work on an iPad, even after rooting the iPad to enable root apps. Some other users also mentioned this as I was looking through the AppTrans app on iTunes. I figured that it was something with AppTrans. I just went ahead and installed it anyway. It worked after the first time I used it.

The essential information on the AppTrans website:
AppTrans Pro is a data transfer app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and other devices. You may have to transfer data from your old device to the new one or from one iOS device to another. The data of your old device will be transferred to the new one and vice versa, and your data will not be lost. The transfer process is easy and safe.

While AppTrans is good, there is something better out there that wouldnt be as simple in an app. The fact that there is an App Install process is a slight drawback. It would be useful if the app can let users choose which app will be installed.

AppTrans is a fantastic transfer app. And it is now owned by EasyTrans . At EasyTrans, we aim to provide mobile users with the best application they can find on the iOS platform. To get more information on EasyTrans, or if you want to try out EasyTrans, check out the official website at !

Thanks to this, AppTrans not only provides users with a simpler way to transfer data from their old to their new smartphones, but also gives them another way to backup or export data to keep it for future reuse. It also makes it much easier to restore lost or deleted data to a new smartphone, so that all your data can be carried over and never lost again. When we designed AppTrans, we thought how to create a software that let users transfer WhatsApp data in a simple and easy way. We know that if youre an iPhone or Android user, you may not want to constantly keep switching to your old device to back up WhatsApp chats. So we wanted to offer users a tool that helps them to transfer data or mobile backup their devices without having to switch to their old devices. This was when we knew we had a winner.

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Main benefits of AppTrans Pro

Main benefits of AppTrans Pro

With AppTrans, you can transfer or back up apps and app data. You can choose different transfer methods depending on your preference. The best method is to back up all the data on the old phone, then restore it to the new phone.

Apps can be backed up or restored with their settings intact. They can be transferred to and from a wide variety of devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phones, etc. You can also export or install apps, which means you can copy them from one device to another directly.

AppTrans comes with only a single requirement: you need to have an iPhone or an Android device. You can then export apps to install them on the new phone and restore apps to your old phone. All the app data such as WhatsApp chats, messages, media, calendar, etc. are also back and intact.

AppTrans is all about the user experience. It focuses on simplicity and ease of use. Its behavior and design should meet the users’ current phones and preferences. We highly recommend that users try the app to find out whether it meets their needs.

Its not all great news though. AppTrans Pro has a few bugs and limitations. While it does allow you to move files, it will take some time for the data to transfer over. App installation is another matter. While the app will allow you to drag and drop the apps, you can only drop them on a folder. This is for security reasons since the apps are stored on the Apptrans server and not on your phone. It also still stores some of the details of your phone after this process.

AppTrans Pro was last updated on 2/12/2013 and its most recent version is As mentioned earlier, this program is only compatible with Windows XP and former versions and it only has one language. It has been added to our database of software since November 2012 and since then it has accumulated 1,487 downloads. The most popular version of this software is

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What’s new in AppTrans Pro

  • Added the support for iOS 12
  • Added a more accurate backup process, especially when restoring an iOS update
  • Fixed one issue where users could not restore from the backup
  • Fixed another issue in the WhatsApp media data
  • Updated the AppTrans Pro icon for better visual effect
  • Updated the AppTrans pro 2.2 version

AppTrans Pro Features

  • Setup with the transferal/migration of Apple Chat Trunk iPhone, iPad and Mac OS.
  • Analyze and view the data that should be transferred.
  • Synchronize WhatsApp data to an Android device.
  • Export functions for data to a CSV file.
  • Export WhatsApp chats in such a format to transfer.

AppTrans Pro Registration Code


AppTrans Pro Lifetime Licence Number

  • M69D4QL2UE85UABA20Q57EEF6811CK
  • DV01S-NI9F8-Q8I5M-V4K07-8G6YN-7Q42V

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