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One of the really useful features of Glary Utilities is the Startup Manager, which allows you to automatically set the order in which Windows boots up. This is a very useful feature for Windows laptops, to ensure that they boot up before certain programs, even if they have been closed down, as it ensures that these programs are not left running in the background. I also use Glary Utilities to set up screensaver options, as I often have important work to do when my computer is shut down. On the whole, I find Glary Utilities to be very useful and have recommended it to a few friends.

Another good feature of Glary Utilities is its Disk Cleaner. This is useful to free up disk space if you need it, and it will run a scan on all drives on your PC and remove areas of your disk that have less than 10MB of free space. The problem with Disk Cleaner is that theres no button to easily turn it off – you have to close your registry. This can be a pain for some, as shutting down your registry can cause all sorts of problems, so its worth having a trusted registry cleaner on your PC.

The biggest problem I have with Glary Utilities is its Spyware Remover. While it is very good at removing spyware, it refuses to mark it as done, which means that it still appears as an active threat on your computer. This is frustrating, and it does mean that the software doesn’t give a clear indication of whether or not the spyware has been removed. It is worth mentioning that Glary Utilities also includes a tool called System Security that lets you scan your computer for spyware, as well as check if any of your registry keys have been modified.

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Internet Explorer isn’t a sluggish browser, per se. I’ve found it to perform better than other browsers I’ve tested on Windows 7. However, Glary Utilities With Crack Pro allows you to examine these results in more detail. The option to check browser-related issues like cookies, SSL certificates, or third-party software is useful, and it’s easy to access. You can also turn on more fine-grained monitoring to see precisely which websites are causing the trouble.

Among Glary Utilities Pro’s primary strengths is its ability to manage your Internet Explorer browsing in several different ways. You can set IE’s proxy settings, URL filtering, security settings, and more. That functionality isn’t unique to Glary Utilities Pro, but it is offered in more depth. It also lets you set IE’s status bar to act as a guide to the web browser’s configuration, which can be very handy when you need to make quick changes.

The Registry Mechanic tool at the heart of Glary Utilities Pro can search for particular pieces of information and then make appropriate changes to the registry. Unfortunately, the program doesn’t offer up any information about what it’s doing, which makes it somewhat disorienting to use. It also doesn’t explain what any of the registry changes are supposed to do, which can lead to additional problems if you aren’t careful. In contrast, many other programs will let you know when you’re making changes and will explain them to you in a straightforward manner.

Excluding the Registry Mechanic, Glary Utilities Pro has just two additional tools that are really useful. The Startup Manager tool lets you configure the Windows start-up process to limit access to software and files that shouldn’t be accessed when you start the PC. This is especially useful for those of you who need to disable programs like anti-malware programs, so you can boost your PC’s speed.

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What is Glary Utilities good for?

What is Glary Utilities good for?

Like others, Slimware utilities offers a free version as a demo, but the trial period ends after 14 days. Assuming youve installed a trial version, itll be able to rescue you from the error messages that plague the paid version, and eliminate that average of 5GB of trash it generates. With antivirus and antimalware tools, you might find theres an incentive to spend the extra on the full version – it could save you from major security problems. But even in the free version, youll find that a surprisingly sensitive scanner catches some malicious material and even presents it to you in an informative summary if you ask it to. For any serious problem, it will almost certainly require a licensed version to enable this – and many people will just want to try the free version to be sure of what theyre getting before committing. If youre happy with the free demo, however, you can safely upgrade to the full version.

Glary Utilities is a great little app that can do a great many things. It runs in the background, doing its job without any noticeable negative effect to your system. And although it doesnt quite offer all the functions of its commercial cousins – such as the disk defragmentation tool – it will suffice for basic functions on most systems. Its well designed, its functional, and its free for personal use. Whats not to like? If you are a casual user of your PC, youd be foolish not to use this software.

Glary Utilities is a great little program with a lot of power. Slimware Utilities has a certain polish about it that sets it apart, but it does have some less than attractive features, such as a pricing model that doesnt allow for a downpayment and a relatively complicated licensing model.

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What’s new in Glary Utilities

  • Added 1-click Maintenance for faster PC tune-up time
  • Update of tools: Toolbars, Action Center, Common Disk Utilities, Intel Graphics Utilities (GIGX), and Intel USB Utilities.
  • Updated Speed Diagnostics to work with newer Intel graphics drivers
  • Updated Disable Bloat Word and Password Manager to work with the updated Cache Cleaner utility
  • Updated Intel Graphics Utilities to fix a bug that prevented running on servers with system memory
  • Fixed “I Love You, Microsoft You’re My Best Friend!” joke in Customization settings
  • Fixed major memory cleanup bug in Common Disk Utilities
  • Fixes in Utilities: Anti-Panda Performance Booster, Floppy Disk Copy, Windows System Info, and Windows System Tools
  • Added Revoke RDRACL access rights feature to Fix+.
  • Added Glary Utilities to the Action Center
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Glary Utilities Features

Glary Utilities Features

  • Thumbnail management system
  • Fine control over folders
  • Grouping your files
  • Search files
  • Ability to search for images, videos, documents
  • Enhance your viewing performance
  • Ability to create albums
  • Option to automatically fix renamed images
  • Resize photos using the included presets
  • Adjust the file compression settings
  • Ability to remove background
  • Ability to create thumbnails

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