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MSI Afterburner For Free

MSI Afterburner  For Free

In the middle of the Afterburner window, you can see your actual graphics card information. You can also see the temps of your GPU, which is pretty important for these settings. Below that, you have more sliders that control your clock speeds and fan speeds, and the power limits of your graphics card. Once you have it setup, close out of that window and it will open up the overclocking tab.

The other big feature MSI Afterburner has is the ability to set up overclocks. We’re talking everything from the base clock of your GPU, to the boost clock, the CPU multiplier, and of course, memory frequency (like with Intels “hyper-threading”, if you’re not aware of this, it can’t always be utilized).

One of the tools in the Afterburner settings is the ‘Performance Monitor’, which allows you to select any actionable combination. For example, you could change your CPU settings, GPU settings, and SoC settings. This allows you to fine-tune your system without having to click through many settings.

Ive given you some pretty detailed information, but its still not enough for some people. To help you out weve provided you with instructions on how to actually set up Afterburner. All you need to do is download this MSI tool from this link.

In short, MSI Afterburner gives you unparalleled control of your GPU and its every detail, allowing you to get a real sense of how your GPU is performing. It also gives you the tools you need to fix your GPU if you dont like how its performing, or if its broken or damaged.

All the basic overclocking parameters have been covered with this quick little guide. But there are many more features available in Afterburner that can be far more useful, including a background system monitoring system, a GUI-based Xvideo playback utility, or many others.

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With a free MSI Afterburner key you can keep your profile settings and adjustment also for all programs you use under the section “Users Data”. MSI Afterburner only needs one parameter to start. The parameter you need to be aware of it is the FOV. You can set a custom FOV for your monitor which has no practical use, but it is possible. You can set different things than the default FOV. Like the maximal horizontal and vertical resolution. Keep in mind that the system must be able to handle the FOV settings, i.e. the recommended resolution for the DPI of your display can be lower.

The Fan Xpert 5 will display the real-time temperature and fan speed along with the CPU and GPU clocks and the accompanying games. All users need to do is select the settings that they want and then leave the rest to MSI Afterburner, which is a very capable overclocking utility with which a user can tune many settings with ease.

The overclocking utility will also remain active in the background and even produce status messages which users will be able to view from their desktop notifications area. For example, MSI Afterburner will periodically tell you if your hardware is overheating and also keeps track of the temperatures using its built-in hardware monitoring.

MSI Afterburner 3.0 has just been released


Theres no need to exit the game to access these performance settings and monitors hardware usage. MSI Afterburner is only available on Windows and only intended for use with MSI aftermarket graphics cards.

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MSI Afterburner Features

MSI Afterburner Features

MSI Afterburner is perfect for novice and experienced overclocker alike. Its intuitive interface allows the users to manage the most important settings, like for example the Fan speed and GPU clock. These settings can be easily customized for any type of hardware.

MSI Afterburner is a great overclocking utility which helps to find the optimal settings for your graphics cards. There are various menu options available, most of which are dynamic and allow adjustments for every single parameter. In addition to the basic settings you can adjust the fan speed and even disable the fan completely.

A good overclock also requires a good monitoring software. You can easily adjust the fan speed or the clock speed to maintain maximum performance. You can then download MSI Afterburner and use the Kombuster benchmark to calculate and show the hardware status.

MSI Afterburner Full Version is the perfect overclocking software with various features to enhance your gaming experience. You can control the power consumption, voltage, fan speed and even set your system to sleep mode to save energy.

MSI Afterburner allows you to locate the perfect balance between performance and temperature and maintain both. The software comes with various monitoring tools to view detailed information of your graphics card and hardware.

MSI Afterburner offers a unique set of settings which allow you to completely control the fans of your graphics card and other hardware components. You can change the position of the fans, speed up or down the fans, and even turn them completely off.

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MSI Afterburner System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel processor or compatible
  • GPU: NVIDIA or AMD with most drivers for Windows
  • HDD: minimum 20GB
  • RAM: minimum 4GB
  • SMS: 2GB minimum
  • ATI Stream Reg Transfers: can be done from AMD and ATI
  • Cinema Reg Transfers: can be done from AMD and ATI
  • DVI-D Transfers: can be done from NVIDIA

What’s new in MSI Afterburner

  • Improved Windows 8 experience: No additional tools are needed to adjust system performance in Afterburner any more! Just open the MSI Afterburner Remote Server on your computer and select a Performance Level to apply it to your Windows 8 computer.
  • Performance Level 0: D3D11 Black
  • Performance Level 1: Very High
  • Performance Level 2: High
  • Performance Level 3: Custom
  • Performance Level 4: Ultra

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