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The next question that researchers asked is: How does the central nervous system code this acoustic information? Are there circuits in the auditory cortex which process echolocation information in different channels? If so, does it depend on a specific type of neurons? We aim to find out.

In the present study we found that all three types of neurons that we recorded (see above) respond to these echolocation signals by varying the timing of the spikes. But, across the three neuron types, the temporal patterns of responses were different. In particular, we discovered that the neurons which track the fast changing syllables have more precise spiking compared to the neurons that track the slower ones, even when controlling for the firing rate of the latter ones (Fig. 7c-f, significant differences are indicated by red asterisks). This finding was not a surprise since previous studies have shown that, e.g. call timing information affects encoding quality in the coding of natural sound sequences by rhythmically driven neurons in the auditory cortex of an insect moth 19 .

Why is this technique of recording cells with intrinsic theta rhythms so powerful? First, it allows us to work in the context of the active state of the neurons. Once the activity is locked to a specific frequency, we are much more confident of encoding information to the spiking activity. As a second benefit, this technique allows us to work with larger number of neurons and therefore facilitates the analysis of larger stimuli. If we would rely on the rate of spiking of a single unit, we would be able to record only one cell at a time and thus a much smaller stimuli could be tested. For example, with this technique, we were able to record at least 590 units simultaneously in Patch For The Bats auditory cortex, testing a total of 14 different distress sequences (see methods). This allowed us to test more acoustical stimuli and more cells than was possible with other techniques, e.g. intracerebral recordings.

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After addressing the problem of expelling displaced colonies, the other drawback of bat-proofing is that you cannot be 100% sure that the bats have vacated the building. If a roost is heated to a dangerous level, or if there are only one or two bats present, the absence of other bats cannot be taken as evidence that the building is free of bats.

The ultimate purpose of bat-proofing is to prevent the buildup of large colonies and the consequent spread of disease. Bats are also important to the environment. They provide services of pest control, pollination, and even pure entertainment. When bats are healthy, we are all better off.

Learn more about the bats, their migratory habits, and how you can provide for them.



The bats are coming!

Like all wild animals, bats have an innate fear of humans, and so they will avoid area that has been man-made, said Carnivora biologist Phillip Bates. But, he said, because bats are nocturnal creatures, man-made areas are often constructed in the daytime. Indeed, research has shown that man-made roosts used by bats are more susceptible to degradation than natural roosts. However, he added, there are a number of ways to mitigate the concerns of bats when constructing an exclusion area. For example, Bates suggested installing a ventilator and re-roofing the building in an arc or design that will permit bats to fly in and out.

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The Bat Description

The Bat Description

Bats use an echolocation system to detect and track prey. They emit high-pitched sounds (e.g., 1,000-5,000 Hz) and analyze the reflected sounds for the distance and type of object. Bats rely on this unique ability to locate insects, detect and intercept disease-carrying ticks, locate other bats, and navigate to their foraging and resting sites. Bats use the same basic strategy in response to light: they emit high-pitched sounds and look for wavelengths back that are specific to light but will reflect back if they are in the presence of a target object. When a bat detects something, it can fly a short distance to evaluate the object or make a pass over it. Bats forage much of the time in total darkness, but they sometimes leave their temporary roost site and fly to another to rest until the entrance is dark enough to return.

The Bat Description

Maine bat species eat vast quantities of night-flying insects, including moths, beetles, mosquitoes, and flies. Most bats hunt in flight or hang from a perch and wait for a passing insect to fly or walk within range. Northern long-eared bats will glean or capture their food off tree foliage. Bats primarily rely on a radar system known asecholocationto locate prey. The bat emits high-pitched sound waves that strike an insect and then bounce back. The bat interprets the reflected sounds to locate the prey. When flying, a bat often scoops insects into its tail or wing membranes, then transfers the insects to its mouth (Fig. 3). This habit results in the erratic flight that people see when they observe bats feeding in the evening. Bats will fly from half-a-mile to six-miles from their roost to a feeding site, using temporary roost sites there until returning to their main roost.

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The Bat Features

The Bat Features

  • Bat influenza A-like virus subtypes are genetically closely related to conventional human and avian IAVs and of a high (H17N10 and H18N11) or intermediate (H17N8) phylogenetic position
  • Bat influenza A-like HL17N10 and HL18N11 viruses contain a PB2 gene of avian IAV origin
  • Bat influenza A-like viruses belong to subtype C, although they might be different from any human C-IIV currently circulating [ 8 ]
  • Human influenza A (H1N1) and H3N2 are most likely reassortants of avian- and human-origin (IAV) components. No reassortments between H17N10 and H18N11 viruses and human and avian IAVs have been described so far

What’s new in The Bat

What's new in The Bat

  • ACE2 receptors on host cells, but not ACE2 itself, are indispensable for 2019-nCoV cell entry.
  • Two independent labs have shown that inhibiting the endosomal acidification of the virus, as with vacuolar-type H+-ATPase (V-ATPase) inhibitors, results in ACE2-dependent inhibition of viral entry.
  • The fact that a small molecule inhibitor of V-ATPase can also inhibit SARS-CoV entry in ACE2-expressing cells strongly suggests that a similar mechanism takes place for SARS-CoV.
  • ACE2 is expressed in many tissues and cell types, including not only respiratory epithelial cells but also kidney, intestine, and other tissues.
  • ACE2 is widely conserved among species from mammals to birds and fish.

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